Poppy Appeal 2014

poppy appeal

The Royal British Legion & The Poppy Appeal

This page is dedicated to both those who have suffered or lost their lives as a result of their service to the armed forces of our country. Along with the work of The Royal British Legion in supporting those who have suffered as a result of such service.

British_Legion_COLOUR_LOGOThe Royal British Legion was formed on 15 May 1921 after the Great War of 1914-1918.

The main purpose of the Legion was to care for those who had suffered as a result of service in the Armed Forces in the Great War. The suffering took many forms: from emotional distress to permanent disability.

When the Legion’s leaders looked around them in 1921. Not only did they see a gigantic task in front of them looking after those who had suffered in the recent war. They also sought to prevent further sacrifice by reminding the nation of the human cost of war and to work actively for peace.

The tradition of an annual Two Minute Silence in memory of the dead was established. The first ever Poppy Appeal was held on 11 November 1921.

The Legion was granted “Royal” status in 1971. Nowadays anyone can become a member of The Royal British Legion. Who welcome men and women of all ages, whether they have served in the Armed Forces or not.

We are also dedicating our window display to The Royal British Legion. Along with the Poppy Appeal since 2013 and raising funds for them via donations during this time.

We are also selling Poppys and other poppy related items. Including money boxes and bracelets in your shop. To read more about The Royal British Legion and the Poppy Appeal please visit The Royal British Legion website.

Poppy Appeal 2014

We would like to say a special thanks to all of the local community that allowed us to use the photos they loaned us for the display, also we could like the thank Aaron’s Surplus for loaning the army berets for our display.

Thank you to everyone digging deep and supporting the great cause this year we raised.


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Photos of the Years Display