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Computer Repairs in Essex

Computer / Laptop repairs in Essex | ILL IT Solutions

Having a computer or laptop is all well and good until it stops working! Whether your computer is just running slow, won’t switch on or has something like a broken screen, when it comes to computer repairs in Essex, we’re here to help! What Computer Repairs in Essex Can We Help With? The truth is, […]

BullGuard Internet Security Review


BullGuard Internet Security BullGuard Internet Security is great service products.When it comes to keeping your computer protected, it can be difficult knowing which security software to invest in. With so many different types available, it pays to do your research to see which one is worth the money. Here we’re reviewing the BullGuard Internet Security […]

Broken PC Repair Best Practices

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PC Repair PC repair tasks can be easily fulfilled without the need for a technician. You can fix your own PC repair by following this five step guideline: Delete malware and viruses An infected PC is easily fixable using standard virus protection software without having to pay for repair. Because of Serious virus might require […]

Buy New or Repair your Laptop?

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Making The Decision: Should I Repair My Laptop? Anxiety caused by a laptop or PC that is not working correctly can be a common feeling these days. As so many businesses and individuals rely on this technology to complete work, banking, social interactions and more, having a device that does not function properly is frustrating. […]

Keeping Your PC Secure

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How Do You Secure Your PC? You have heard story after story about new computer virus threats and hacks into large business databases. Now, you are worried about your own home or business computer and how your should be keeping your PC secure. In the course of normal everyday routines – checking email, shopping online, […]

Thinking of upgrading to a Windows 8 Machine? Here’s What You Need to Know

Computer / Laptop repairs in Essex | ILL IT Solutions

THINKING OF UPGRADING TO A WINDOWS 8 MACHINE HERE’S WHAT YOU  NEED TO KNOW As you may have heard microsoft have recently launched there lastest version of the Microsoft Windows Operating System Family “Microsoft Windows 8” there has been many changes both under the hood and to what user see when using the new operating […]