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Tips For Shopping Safely Online

shopping safely online

We’ve never had a time like we’re currently in, which means that many of us are having to try new methods to cope and carry out everyday tasks in different ways. For many people, this means looking at ways of shopping safely online, as online shopping isn’t something they have done before. Online shopping is […]

Stay In Touch During Isolation – How Your Computer Can Help!

stay in touch during isolation

Most of the country is currently on “lock-down“, and we’re unsure when they will end. Of course, it will end and we’ll see life go back to normal but here’s a look at how to stay in touch during isolation. Communication with friends and family is really important and using your computer to do this […]

Backup Your Data – Why it is Important

KEEP YOUR DATA SAFE BACKUP YOUR DATA  WHY IT IS IMPORTANT Having a backup of your data is crucial to avoid losing important files due to unexpected circumstances. There are numerous things that can cause data loss so it’s important to be prepared and regularly backup your data. What Can Cause Data Loss Accidental Damage […]