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Office Online

Web versions of Microsoft Office Apps

Office Online allows you to access your Office documents from anywhere and on any device with an Internet connection. View, edit, share and store your important documents online.

Microsoft 365

Your office anywhere

With web-based Office Apps you really can access your office from anywhere. Store files on your OneDrive in the Cloud, and simply log in via a web browser.

Familiar Microsoft Office tools

There is no steep learning curve with Office Online, as most people will be familiar with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

No loss of formatting

If you work on Office Desktop apps on your PC or Mac, your files will still contain the same formatting and layout when you open them using Office Online.

Share your documents

You can choose when to share your documents, specifying who can view only and who can edit. Your documents are private until you share them.

Flexible access for all

Share your files with people who don’t have Office Desktop installed on their computer and they can still access and edit your files using the Office Online apps.

Look professional

Use Microsoft tools in conjunction with Exchange Email to deliver professional-looking communications and documents that reflect your business.

Key features

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • OneNote
  • Anywhere access
  • Share documents

Office Desktop Apps

Full suite of Microsoft Desktop Tools


As a subscription based service, Microsoft 365 enables you to kit out you and your team with the latest tools from Microsoft.

Microsoft 365

Work offline & sync online

You may not always have access to the Internet, or may just want to work offline. Use the desktop suite offline and sync with your Cloud based Office apps when ready, this way your files are secure and always accessible in the Cloud via multiple devices.

Always up to date

There’s no need to waste time trying to keep your Office programmes up to date, everything will be done automatically for you! Each time a new version or feature is released, you will receive the update automatically.

Key features

  • No need for an Internet connection
  • Install on up to 5 PCs/Macs per user
  • Extra apps with the desktop version
  • Always have up-to-date Microsoft tools

Office iPad

The latest touch-friendly iPad Apps


With our Business Standard and Premium packages you’ll be able to unlock the full functionality of the Office Apps for your iPad. Get versions of your favourite Microsoft tools to use on the go.

Microsoft 365

View, edit & create on your iPad!

Want to view Office documents on your iPad? Now you can! Just like with Office Mobile, you can download the Apps to your iPad and then you will need a Business Standard or Premium subscription to unlock all the features. This will allow you to edit and create new documents on the go.

Slick transition between devices

No loss of formatting will occur as you switch from a document on your desktop to your iPad.

Familiar features

Microsoft has re-imagined Word, Excel and PowerPoint to be touch friendly whilst still offering the great features Office users are familiar with.

Do more with iPad Apps

In Microsoft Word you can add comments and track changes whilst working together with others. Excel lets you review and update spreadsheets, adding formulas and charts. Amend PowerPoint presentations and then project on a big screen wirelessly.

Key features

  • Download iPad apps for free
  • Touch-friendly versions of Microsoft tools
  • Business Standard & Premium subscription unlocks full features
  • Documents retain formatting from desktop versions
  • Store files securely on OneDrive

Office Mobile

Smartphone-friendly Office Apps


Now you really can take your office with you wherever you go! Get versions of your favourite Microsoft tools on your mobile.

Microsoft 365

Unlock full editing capabilities

Office Mobile apps can be downloaded for iPhone, Android and Windows smartphones, so you can view Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents on your mobile.

The beauty of having an Microsoft 365 subscription is that you can unlock the full potential of your mobile apps allowing you to edit and create documents too!

More mobile apps

You can also access your email, calendars and instant messaging on your smartphone, plus other Microsoft 365 services such as SharePoint and OneDrive for Business.


Record your thoughts and findings with OneNote, your digital notebook. Keep your notes handy wherever you go and sync across your devices. Share notes & collaborate with others too.

Key features

  • Access, edit & share files from your smartphone
  • Documents retain formatting, charts & graphics
  • Microsoft Teams app & SharePoint newsfeed
  • Compatible with iPhone, Android & Windows

Microsoft Teams

Video conferencing, instant messaging & screen sharing

Microsoft Teams makes it possible for you to hold face-to-face meetings, regardless of where you are. Meetings can be held in a variety of ways and on a range of devices.

Microsoft 365

Multi-party HD video conferencing

Host or join online meetings including audio, HD video and web conferencing. Hold meetings with up to 250 participants internal and external to your company.

Instant messaging via Microsoft Teams

With Microsoft Teams, conversations are protected by strong encryption and authentication. Use PC-to-PC calling with audio and video to connect to colleagues or other Teams users. Plus, you’ll be able to share your screen and choose to present your entire desktop, a window or a PowerPoint file.

See who’s online and connect instantly

The presence indicator will show you who is online and available to chat. You can show other users when and how they can contact you by setting your status.

Connect from anywhere

Use a PC, smartphone or the web, to connect with your peers and join meetings in just one click via Outlook or the mobile app on your smartphone.

Run more productive meetings online

Use one-click screen sharing and real-time note taking for more effective meetings. Call settings remain in view, so you’ll always have access to critical controls and you never miss who’s talking even when you need to access other information, files or documents during your meeting.

On the spot or plan in advance

You can set up meetings in advance or on the spot – perfect for a busy diary. Use Teams alongside Exchange Email shared calendars and make planning your meetings simple.

Key features

  • Online meetings
  • Video conferencing
  • Instant messaging
  • Screen sharing
  • PC to PC audio & visual
  • Secure encryption

SharePoint Online

File sharing, storage & collaboration

SharePoint Online improves productivity by allowing people to work together on projects simultaneously and share documents and ideas. Combine this with Microsoft Teams and you can instant message other users and share your screens whilst collaborating on documents.

Microsoft 365

Work together from anywhere

Collaborate on documents in real-time and see the changes other users are making instantly. Everything is stored in the Cloud for anytime access.

Stay up to date

Your documents will always be up to date as they are stored in the Cloud, making it easier to collaborate on files with everyone working on the latest master copy.

Increase productivity

Online collaboration removes the need to email countless versions of the same document between your colleagues or contacts, in order to make changes as a group.

Share with partners & customers

Invite people outside your company to access documents. You specify who can see and edit which files, keeping you safe and in control.

Manage projects effectively

SharePoint lets you store project files in one place, add and track comments and status updates for each team member, and access features across multiple devices.

Share ideas with your team

Promote team spirit and drive projects forward using blogs and wikis to share ideas. Use the SharePoint newsfeed on any device to harness social within your team.

Key features

  • Collaborate online in real-time
  • Manage and store content online
  • Create an internal website or intranet
  • Create team sites and manage projects
  • Share documents internally and externally
  • Use on any device via the Internet

OneDrive for Business

Access anywhere Cloud Storage

OneDrive for business is a library for storing and organising all your important work documents in one place, accessible from anywhere.

Microsoft 365

Secure storage for your business

OneDrive for business has a massive 1TB storage allocation for each user and you can access it by logging in securely to Microsoft 365 or SharePoint. Reduce your physical storage needs by uploading your important documents to the Cloud, keeping them safe and secure.

Up-to-date anywhere access

Sync OneDrive with your desktop so you always have your files with you even when you’re offline. Edit documents on the go and your files will automatically sync with OneDrive when you come back online.

Share documents internally & externally

Within OneDrive you can upload your existing files, create new documents using Office Apps Online, and share your files with others. Your files will exist privately, until you choose to share them with select people or everyone connected to your Microsoft 365 subscription.

Peace of mind in the cloud

OneDrive stores your documents safely in the Cloud, giving you peace of mind that a lost phone or broken hard drive doesn’t mean lost business. Files, emails, contacts and calendars will still be accessible via another device.

Key features

  • 1TB Cloud storage
  • Store securely online
  • Access anywhere
  • Share documents
  • Peace of mind

Exchange Email

Business-class shared email & calendars

Exchange Email from Microsoft gives you a professional email service that will keep your team, partners and customers in sync.

Microsoft 365

Professional email address

Your email account will be set up on your domain name, perfect if this is also your business name and web address, for example:

Online access

Access your email and calendars from your PC, Mac, web browser and smartphone (Windows, iPhone, Android, Symbian and Blackberry).

Peace of mind

Don’t panic if you lose your phone, you can easily wipe your data remotely to prevent unauthorised access. With everything stored in the Cloud, you won’t lose your emails.

Stay in sync

Make scheduling meetings with people inside and outside of your company a breeze by sharing your calendar and busy/free information with them.

Security & safety

Your email will be free from advertising, and you can keep your inbox and computer safe against mail threats with built-in premier anti-malware and spam protection.

Easy admin

Create new user accounts and group your email contacts in seconds. If you accidentally delete a user account, you can restore up to 30 days after.

Key features

  • Email account
  • Shared calendar
  • Contacts & tasks
  • Access on any device
  • Professional image
  • Email address on your domain