Broken PC Repair Best Practices

PC Repair

We provide computer repair Essex but you try yourself first. PC repair tasks can be easily fulfilled without the need for a technician. You can fix your own PC repair by following this five step guideline:

Delete malware and viruses

An infected PC is easily fixable using standard virus protection software without having to pay for repair. Because of Serious virus might require you to do through your registry and auto start entries and manually take out malware that cannot be identified by antivirus software. This is an involving task that requires a lot of time and you are unsure you will get rid of all the malware once the PC is infected. The simple option is to reinstall the operating system.

Operating system reinstallation

Slow Pc that takes long to start up or process commands can be repaired fast and easily by reinstalling the operating system or installing a new operating system. You do not need to take your PC to a professional to get this done. Naturally, computers become slow due to accumulation of unnecessary files that limit their memory capacity. Similar problems such as frequent errors, corrupted files and poor drivers can also be solved by a reinstallation,

It is important to remember to create a back up of your crucial files before resetting the PC to avoid losing it. Many PC have factory restore partitions installed that are executable when you press the assigned key while your PC is booting. Consult your PC manual and operating system installation disk for this task.The important files can be backed up in external storage.

Delete bloat-ware

New PC will contain some unnecessary programs and software which cause slow processing speeds and muddle your desktop. These programs are removable for a fee at many repair outlets. Suitable programs are downloadable from the internet that routinely scan your PC and eliminates such bloat ware. Furthermore, you can manually remove such programs from the control panel of your computer using the uninstall programme feature. You can also remove such programs by reinstalling your operating system.

Upgrade HDD/RAM

Increasing the size of your PC’s RAM is a simple task and an effective system upgrade. Purchase the proper RAM chip for your PC and install it using the easy steps contained in the package. For Hard disk upgrade, which is considerable more intricate, you must reinstall the operating system on your PC after completion.

Restore deleted files

In case of your computer respond inappropriately, check and recover any accidentally deleted files to your PC from you recycle bin which may cause unnecessary errors to occur. those files may contain critical program commands that must be installed for your PC to run.