10 Signs Your PC or Laptop Has A Virus or Malware

Do you have a Virus?

Are you getting any of these 10 signs on your PC. Laptop you then may have a virus?

If your security settings are not of a suitable standard or you visit sites that are not reliable, you may place yourself at greater risk of having your PC or laptop affected by virus or malware. It is important to be proactive in preventing these issues occurring, but it is also important that you recognise the most common signs your PC or laptop has a virus or malware.

There are few things in life that are more annoying than when your PC or laptop has been affected by a virus or malware. Sadly, this is an all-too-common occurrence for many users. With so many hackers, malicious and people wishing to undertake fraudulent activity online, many users are at risk.

If your machine appears to be affected, it is best to have the computer examined by a professional as quickly as possible. The risks you,your computer and your information face when you operate a computer with a virus or malware are high, and there could be dangerous outcomes from doing so.

Therefore, it is best to be aware of the symptoms of your PC or laptop being affected by a virus or malware.

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Here are 10 signs your PC or laptop has a virus or malware

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If you recognise any of these signs, it is best to seek professional help:


  • You receive strange error messages that you don’t understand, or which bear no relation to any action you have undertaken
  • The security settings on your computer or laptop have been changed or disabled
  • Your computer has crashed
  • There are icons on your desktop that you don’t recognise or that you never installed onto your computer or laptop
  • You are unable to gain access to your Control Panel
  • You are informed that people have received strange messages from an email sent from your account
  • The homepage of your browser has been changed without you initiating the change
  • You receive pop-up messages on your screen when you are working
  • There are several annoying adverts displayed on your screen
  • Your computer is working slower, or it takes longer to open programs or get work done

When you recognise these signs, it is important to not panic. It is also essential that you don’t ignore these matters or hope that things will turn out for the best. When left unattended, these problems will worsen and not only place you at greater risk, you could place people you know and love at risk too. When your laptop has a virus, it is a concern, but the matter can be resolved quickly.

You need professional help in dealing with viruses and malware

Therefore, it is important that you seek help in removing viruses and malware from your computer. We are more than happy to offer a local virus removal service, helping you to be confident about the condition of your computer. We are proud to say we have helped many residents and small businesses care for their PC or laptop, and we can provide the same service for you.

If you are worried about malware or viruses, or you believe that your PC or laptop has been exposed to malware or viruses, it is important that you act quickly. Get in touch if you want to use your PC or laptop in a safe and effective manner. Computer repairs Romford.