Remote Working – Easy Ways To Get Your Computer Ready

With the current climate of Covid-19 and the government legislation that people should work from home where possible, more people are remote working than ever! It may seem like you’re living the dream if you get to work from home, but you should bear in mind that there are several adjustments that you’ll have to make.

Getting Into The Right Mindset

One of the biggest hurdles you’ll have is to get into the right mindset. It’s important not to consider your working from home period a holiday. Instead you should take it as seriously as you would if you were in the office. This means avoiding the temptation to get out of bed 5 minutes before your start time and roll into the office.

The Right Set-up For Remote Working

You need to make sure that you have an area that is suitable for remote working. We’ll need to improvise this in many ways because we simply don’t have home offices! Try to find a quiet area of the house where you can sit properly at a table or desk. If you can use a proper keyboard and mouse, even if you’re using a laptop. These are much easier to use if you’re planning to be using a computer long-term and are generally really affordable.

Getting Your Computer Ready For Working From Home

Once you have sorted out your mind and where you want to work, you’ll need to make sure your computer or laptop is ready for working from home. Make sure you have anti-virus software on there before you get started. If you’re using your own computer rather than your work one then get it in tip-top shape before you start. Have a clear out of your desktop, delete cookies and generally do some housekeeping. You will probably be saving work-related files on your computer, so make a folder in advance and consider protecting this with a password. You can then save everything work-related in this and you’ll know where to find things when you need to refer back to them. If in doubt we provide virus removal in Essex to ensure there are no potential problems. 

Take Precautions

Set-up word processors, Google Docs or whatever systems you’re using to autosave. This will help prevent you from losing files you have been working on for a long-time.  Resources such as Zoom and Google Docs are great for communicating with work colleagues and sharing documents. Get these set-up at the start, as well as taking the advice above and you’ll be ready for remote working before you even realise!
If we can help with any of the above, or you need other IT solutions Essex please get in touch, we’d be delighted to help!