Stay In Touch During Isolation – How Your Computer Can Help!

Most of the country is currently on “lock-down“, and we’re unsure when they will end. Of course, it will end and we’ll see life go back to normal but here’s a look at how to stay in touch during isolation. Communication with friends and family is really important and using your computer to do this is easy!

Prepare Your Computer For Communicating

Get your laptop or PC ready for staying in touch, so that you have no hiccups when you come to use it! For example, have you ever used your webcam or is this something you’ll want to check now? The last thing you want is to sit down ready to go and find that something silly doesn’t work, so get testing all of these things now. The chances are we’ll be using emails and social media more than ever, do you want to have these as Push Notifications to your phone – much easier to stay in constant contact! Don’t lose contact with your loved ones, laptop repair Romford.

It might be an idea to look at installing (or updating) your anti-virus software. Friends and family are likely to be keen to share files, images, favourite songs etc. Even though you know and trust these people, they have have downloaded the file from an unsafe source. Take steps to protect yourself and that should be less of a worry when you use your computer to stay in touch during isolation.

Look At The Apps That Are Available To You

Unsurprisingly, there has been a massive increase in the popularity of different apps and there are now more than ever! Easy ones to use on your phone (and that you may already have) are Whatsapp and Skype. These both allow you to text people and video chat – you can even add people in and have group conversations, swap pictures and files.

House Party is one of the most popular apps being talked about on social media and it is great fun! Everyone who wants to join in must download the app and then you can all join in! There are built-in games so if you all need a break from just general chit-chat this is a great app for that. If you want an app for communicating with work colleagues then Zoom is a great choice and is proving popular with many virtual offices and workplaces.

Of course, your usual social media apps will also be good for keeping in touch too – Most of us use Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram so make use of these to stay in touch during isolation. They are great for sharing live stories, photos, news and other resources.

Get Everyone Involved

We’re living in unprecedented times so it is important to get everyone involved. You might find that older relatives struggle to use brand new apps to them, but something like Skype is reasonably easy to install and you may be able to talk to them over the phone on how to do this. Try to get everyone involved, talk to them regularly and explain that you’re available should they wish to talk. Netflix will even let you link up and share a film together so there is no excuse for not keeping in touch in a fun and varied way with all of your loved ones!

Why You Should Stay in Touch During Isolation

Many people will find this time lonely and struggle without the normal day to day communication with people. We’re really lucky to live in times where we do have access to many different online apps and ways to communicate. Take advantage of these as much as possible and you should find it easy to stay in touch!

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