Keeping Your PC Secure

How Do You Secure Your PC?

You have heard story after story about new computer virus threats and hacks into large business databases. Now, you are worried about your own home or business computer and how your should be keeping your PC secure. In the course of normal everyday routines – checking email, shopping online, checking online bank account information. You may come in contact with a computer virus. While many computer viruses are stopped before they can do any damage. Others find their way through your virus protection and can cause a series of problems for you and your computer.

Types of Virus

Computer viruses come in many forms. That can cause a host of issues, including corrupt your data, delete data, attach to your email program and send fake emails on your behalf, hack your account information, record your keystrokes, and even erase everything on your hard drive. Many times, a virus is launched when you click on an attachment in an email. It can also be spread via instant messages and via websites. It is extremely important that you DO NOT click on any attachment that you do not know where it is from, and even then, you need to proceed with caution. Virus criminals are clever in disguising their destructive programs. You will see them as funny images, greeting cards, audio files and video files.

Protect Yourself

There are precautions you can also take to protect yourself against damaging computer viruses, and your PC repair company can help. It is essential that you keep your computer up-to-date with the latest virus protection and stay informed about the latest threats. Your PC or laptop repair company can help remove all viruses, spyware, and other malware that may have infected your computer. They will be able to repair any operating system issues that have occurred from this infection. Then install the necessary anti-virus protection software and updates to protect you against future outbreaks.

What To Do

If you are unsure if you have a virus, you may wish to contact us your local PC repair company in Chadwell Heath Romford Essex immediately. Especially if you are not certain that you have virus protection. Symptoms of infection can include multiple pop-up windows, slow computer start-up, system crashes, answered emails that you did not send, and more. Beware of the do-it-yourself virus clean-up tools available online as well. Many of these programs are virus programs. Your best option is to call your PC repair company and explain your computer issues. Many times, they can help you remotely. However, if they feel that is not an option, many do provide in-home visits or you can drop off your computer for repair.

The computer virus is a serious issue, with over 9 million UK households having serious virus infections. Don’t become part of that statistic and risk losing valuable personal information, and potentially thousands of dollars in damage. Contact us today!